Buy Italian cosmetics

Cosmetica Italia – the personal care association  has created the search engine "Buy Italian Cosmetics", a tool to facilitate win-win relations between Italian companies and potential partners interested in Italian cosmetic products.

This search engine allows to find easily Italian companies, those members of Cosmetica Italia who chose to be part of this database, that meet specific requirements.

Success factors of the  Italian cosmetics industry:

  • Modern production chain, with suitable control systems to ensure products safety
  • Strict compliance with European and national standards to safeguard consumers
  • Constant research in effective formulation, supported by investment in product research and technological development
  • Constant and fruitful relationships among industries, universities and research centers
  • Constant research in latent consumer needs and innovation in the distribution and logistics process
  • Attention to customers and to the evolution of their needs and lifestyle choices
  • Effective and adequate communication to the changeable consumers’ needs